Classic Barre at Barre Envy

Barre Classic is a no-impact workout performed in an interval training style.
You will burn fat quickly and increase lean muscle mass by using your own body weight for resistance while performing precise isometric movements. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue and then stretched and lengthened using orthopedic and ballet inspired stretches.
The detailed personal attention that is given to each student differentiates Barre Classic from all other classes using similar principles. Our focus on proper technique and alignment insures a safe workout that delivers results that other barre workouts do not.

Barre Express at Barre Envy

A 45-minute class that is designed to give you a great workout and get you back to work or back to the beach within an hour.  Following the same detailed principles as Barre Classic combined with faster paced intervals, this targeted full body workout will send you into the afternoon with a more energized mind and body.

HIIT Barre, TRX at Barre Envy
     BARRE X     

Cardio intervals are combined with the precise principles of Barre Classic along with TRX® Suspension Training, Gliding Discs and Medicine Balls to shred fat & chisel your entire body.  Burn up to 800 calories and increase your metabolism and cardiovascular endurance in this 45 minute bootcamp style class!   


Athletic Shoes REQUIRED.

Barre Rhythm at Barre Envy

A fast-pace version of our traditional barre class, Barre Burn uses isolated movements with the help of resistance bands, light weights and gliding discs to target all the right muscle groups. You will really feel that booty burn in this high energy, electric workout.


Come release your flirty side with Barre-Lesque! A low impact, high-intensity workout that combines dance and burlesque with the detailed precision of Barre Classic work. This fun and flirty workout where dance and barre meet will build long, lean muscles and torch away the fat!

**Ask us about our Barre-lesque Class options for Birthdays, Bachelorette parties and Bridal Showers!

Barre Rhythm at Barre Envy

 Barre Yoga is a fun, beginner friendly class that works the entire body, combing yoga, pilates, and the use of weights, we build strength in the core, legs, and back muscles of the body. We'll start with a very basic vinyasa flow and then incorporate the weights in addition to other mat exercises designed to sculpt and create long, lean muscle mass, burn fat and increase fitness levels.  

**Yoga socks are required


Barre Rhythm is a fantastic blend of Barre, floor work and Dance Cardio! Using balls, resistance bands and weights you will begin by stretching then increase your workout with targeted barre moves and up your heart rate with dance cardio mid-class! By blending different forms of dance and Barre work, not only will you have a blast while working out, you'll feel the burn!


No dance experience necessary!


Ready to find your inner ballerina and take your barre workout to the next level? Barre Eleve is based on ballet technique applied with classical barre stylings.  A low impact, total body workout that is designed to develop balance and strength, Barre Eleve will help you elongate and tone your muscles while focusing on your core. Barre Eleve focuses on using concentrated, small movements while incorporating the barre, free weights, balls and bands. Get ready for a fantastic workout that will leave you feeling like the ballerina you have always wanted to be!